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Spread is a global transdisciplinary design, media
and technology organisation.

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Open Roles

Graphic Designer


0 - 5 Years Experience

Spread Design Innovation is searching for brand and graphic designers. Please apply if you fit our search criterion…
You are fresh out of design school (you will join us a junior designer)
You have a serious brand Portfolio and say 4-5 years of experience – enough for you to be independent.
Deep Commitment to work on the most beautiful and big design projects
Have fresh ideas and amazing new skills especially in the digital space
Are keen and willing to work from Design Barn, Bengaluru.
Have received formal design training.
Are bold spirited and excited by unusual challenges.
Have the ability and desire to learn something new everyday.
Have strong design process and can articulate your design decisions.
Mail us with your resume and portfolio now : hello@spread.ooo
Or give us a shout :+91 93425 86862

Creative Writer


2 - 3 Years Experience

Spread is searching for Creative Writers.
You observe, understand deeply and write beautifully. It is your passion to come up with original ideas and insights, creatively expressing them in words. You are an outstanding storyteller, with a strong command over language. Writing is your superpower to transform the world and we are looking for you.
Ready to…
Work from Design Barn at least a couple days a week, in a collaborative atmosphere.
Dive in to research, imagine and create fresh narratives
Be original, show off your skills and infuse our writing with your sense of humour
Understand and adapt across different narrative structures, topics and mediums.
Demonstrate your flawless grammar and vocabulary
Please apply with a link to your body of work available for the world digitally. Ability to manage systems, create for an online and global audience will be essential. 
You will be compensated basis your experience and the quality of your portfolio.
Get in touch with your profile and portfolio – hello@spread.ooo
Call us – +91 93425 86862

Illustrator / Storyboard Artist


1-2 Years Experience

Spread is searching for an Illustrator + Storyboard Artist 
You have the gift of powerful visual storytelling and illustration. You can understand creative briefs and bring alive the design / creative vision behind big, beautiful and exciting projects. You can work seamlessly with multidisciplinary teams. You are fluent in using digital tools and softwares needed to develop compelling storyboards and illustrations.
Work from Design Barn
Deep commitment to work on the most beautiful, exciting and big design projects
Work collaboratively with designers, creative directors, writers to visualise the story
Talent for sketching
Training in Animation
Understanding of the principles of storytelling and narrative structures
Great presentation skills
Fluency in visual storytelling
Strong design process
Practical understanding of different styles and genres
Ability to process feedback and revert back quickly to last minute changes
1-2 years of work or freelance experience
Mail your portfolio – hello@spread.ooo
Call us – +91 93425 86862

Design Strategist + Researcher


3 Years Experience

Spread is searching for a Design Strategist + Researcher 
You are an Integrative thinker, you have design training, a wide array of interests and are constantly learning and growing. 
Connecting the dots and sharp articulation of ideas is your superpower. You are passionate about a holistic and human-centered design approach and are ready to take on challenges; reframe problems as potential opportunities.
You must love to design qualitative and quantitative research projects and tools, have business and design acumen. You have to be a visual thinker!
Ready to…
Work from Design Barn
Work independently and/or along with a distributed team
Cull insights and write strategic pieces, develop visual and clear models
Show us and our clients – your design skills, writing and presentation skills
Flex your planning muscle and lead exciting and meaningful projects.
We require you to please have a minimum work experience of 3 years in the Design Research and Strategy space. With Knowledge and training in Design Methods from a respected Institution

Mail your portfolio – hello@spread.ooo
Call us – +91 93425 86862

Social Media and Community Manager


2 Years Experience

Spread is searching for a Social Media and Community Manager
You are a passionate, experienced and creative Social Media Community Manager. You will be responsible for developing and implementing our Social Media strategy and content to increase our online presence and improve our marketing and sales efforts. You will be working closely with designers.
Work from Design Barn
Deep commitment to work on the most beautiful, exciting and big design projects
Work collaboratively with designers
Minimum work experience of 2 years in Social Media Management 
Great creative writing skills
Develop, implement and manage social media strategy
Define most important social media KPIs
Create, manage and oversee social media content
Measure the success of every social media campaign
Stay up to date with latest social media best practices and technologies
Practical experience of using social media marketing tools, web design and publishing
Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other social media best practices
Experience with doing audience and buyer persona research 
Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content is informative and appealing
Monitor SEO, web traffic metrics and user engagement and suggest content optimization
Connect and communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network
Provide constructive feedback
Present to Senior Leadership
Mail your portfolio – hello@spread.ooo
Call us –+91 93425 86862
Mail your portfolio to
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